Week 30/31

How far along? : 31 weeks 2 days today.

Total weight gain: It is just around 30 pounds today! :) It is nice to be able to eat whenever I am hungry and not worry about the weight gain.

How big is baby?: Big enough to give me strong kicks in the ribs! And to let me know when he wants me to change position when I am laying down.

I am sleeping really well most nights. This could be thanks to the six pillows I surround myself with at night. And the 80% of the bed I get to take up. David is being a sweet heart. He spends his nights hanging off the edge of his side of the bed. Last night I looked at him, he was sleeping in a position that looked so awfully uncomfortable. I guess I will remind myself of his discomfort in about 9 weeks, when I am going to want to punch him in the face. Or so I have been told.

Movement?: All the time. As you can see from this picture, taken from my perspective, Reese likes to push out as hard as he can.
Apparently the baby is supposed to have distinguishable sleep and awake patterns right now. HA! I think he takes little 20-50 minute power naps, and then goes back to kicking and rolling. This has been the absolute best part of pregnancy. The best is when David puts his hand on my belly and then yelps out is surprise when a little limb greets him! It is surprising how strong Reese is getting! David and I fight now over who gets to put their hand on my belly. David says I am cheating since I can feel him move anyway. Whatever. 
Food cravings?: Chocolate. Vinegar.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas. We will be at 36 weeks then, and it will be our last Christmas as just David and I. Last year was a difficult year. I remember thinking that I could not do another Christmas without some kind of resolution to the baby infertility situation. Who knew I would be four weeks away from our take home baby this year?

Best moment of the week:
Quite a few. We went on a date, while there David left his wallet in the car. He went to go get it, and when he came back he had a present with him. I started crying immediately. It seems the Chinese restaurant will know me as the crying lady. (This was also where I first felt Reese move = tears) When I tore the paper off I cried even harder, it is one of those willow tree figures. The one of the pregnant woman. He went to a specialty store and ordered it. I am so blessed to have him! We also got our baby book :) Also we reached 30 weeks, and 31, which means less than ten weeks to our due date!! 

But the best was seeing David learn how to bathe a baby. Of course we practiced on a doll. But it was funny and heartwarming!

Dr's Appointment?:  At my last appointment the dr. exclaimed at how big Reese is getting. At 29 weeks he weighed 3.5 pounds! We are having a chubby little guy. My next appointment is on the 24th of November. I did have a little hospital visit again. I was hoping to stay out of the hospital until it is go time. I had some horrible cramps, nausea and continuing braxton hicks. We called the office and they told us to head to Labor and Delivery. We were there for about 4 hours, The dr. concluded that I may have picked up a stomach virus somewhere, and put me on some medication. I did have a non-stress test done. It was amazing to get to listen to Reese's heartbeat for so long. David did keep it light, he kept making me giggle, and the hospital is very nice. It is the one I will be delivering at. The rooms are private and very nice, like a hotel room. The nurses were relaxed and all seemed to have a great sense of humor. There was a lady in labor in the room next to mine, I asked how she was doing. The nurse said that she was doing great, and that she was vomiting. She said it with such a nice smile and attitude, that is seemed that the lady must have been having a very pleasant vomiting experience. 

They had a poster on the wall explaining how epidurals work, I asked the nurse how many epidurals they do on average, she said in the last year they have done 2. TWO! She also said they do about 6 c-sections a day.  I asked why they had the poster on the wall then? Was is there to mock women in pain. "HA HA! Look what you can't have!!" The nurse giggled and said no.

Thankful for:  Every little punch, kick, and roll.


Mary Emberton said...

So glad things are going well. I can't wait to see the TONS of pictures you will be posting when the big day arrives! I know you will both be amazing parents. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas! :)

Jenny said...

You are getting SO close! I'm so glad you guys are doing well, and love these updates :)

Janice Spilman said...

So very happy that you are almost there. You may have a Christmas baby. What a blessing. We pray you & David have a very happy Thanksgiving & Christmas.