The Three Measures

The Philosophy

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman used in making bread. Even though she put only a little yeast in the three measures of four, it permeated every part of the dough." Matt 13:33

The Kingdom of God is revolutionary and its reach is unlimited. When present in a community, it should not simply transfoem a part, but should permeate every aspect of that society. Ever community is made up of three measures: (1) the physical, (2) the social, (3) the spiritual.

Local Ownership and Initiative
Three Measures is committed to see sustainable programs started. As far as possible Namibians have ownership over any program started. Three Measures will seek to organize and participate with members of the community in assessing and their needs and planning their actions. Once the community has taken initiative to begin a project, Three Measures will assist them in fulfilling those plans though training and consultation.

There may be cases in which Three Measures will initiate a program, in these cases there must be a clear exit strategy in the place before the project begins.

Restoration Plea

The Restoration Plea is a call for the church to get back to New Testament Christianity, a laying aside of doctrines and traditions that have led the people of God away from what it was in the beginning and turning to the Word of God as the only basis of our faith. 

We believe the Gospel message is a simple message, one that was originally entrusted to (and understood by) average and basically uneducated men. Three Measures is committed to bringing that Gospel only; not our own cultural version of it, littered by man-made traditions and/or creeds. In order to be successful we must teach local Christians to study the Bible for themselves and to simply do what it says.

Primary Goals:

Three measure will spend several years working closely with other Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ministries in the Damara location of Katutura. During this time we plant to implement a Community Healthy Evangelism (CHE) program. Through CHE, we plan to:

*Help organize a committee of community members to identify local needs, plan solutions, and manage projects.
*Provide training for local leaders who will in turn train their own community.
*Help locals to form house churches.

Outside of CHE we intend to meet with young Christians on a regular basis. These Christians will be discipled and trained to begin house churches.

During the years Three Measures will plan and run Restoration Seminars in and around Opuwo for rural pastors, and other Christian leaders, in the Kunene region. These seminars will be the beginning of our community development efforts in the region.