Wrapping paper and hot fudge!

Last night some ladies from school came over to wrap the children's Christmas presents. That's right, ALL 108 students get a book and a gift, and they all have to be wrapped. Last year I did not get to be part of this wrapping party, so I was pretty excited to get to help this year.
Marye, from Holland, Jodie, from Canada, Naleke from Kenya, and myself put on some Christmas music, set up a wrapping station, ordered some pizza and set off! I thought it would take at least 189723 hours to wrap that many presents. But we set up a good system I cut tape, Naleke and Marye wrapped, and Jodie sorted the gifts. There was a great selection, from board games to a couple of bedazzlers.
It was fun to talk about the kids as their gifts were wrapped. And to listen to Jodie and Marye talk about past Chrstmasses. How they used to have to buy a few gifts, to today when it is a whole operation.
We stopped for pizza after a while.The pizza guy took forever to show up though!

We then had home made sundaes, I made some hot fudge. Probably the best part of the whole get together, loads of hot fudge.
So right now there is one week of classes left, and then the last week of school. The last week will be full of Christmas parties, Disney movies, and the Christmas play.
It is crazy that we have been with the school for so long now. Pray for the leadership of the school, David has been interviewing some new people to fill the open teaching spots, and the open spots in the administrative team. It has been a fulfilling and challenging year, and we have seen God do some great things in the lives of the kids, and our own!

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