normal day... BAM! AWESOME DAY!

David wearing Reese's bronco cap
Baby Reese Echols (and us parents, wait I am a parent?? What? AAAAAAAHHH!)  got his first package today!


We picked it up and then waited FIVE hours (stupid time change) for the sun to come up in America. David's parents and brother (Hi Steve!) skyped in and watched us open the package. Surprisingly I only cried a tiny little bit, I was afraid I would ugly Oprah cry when getting baby stuff, but I think this stuff was so cool I was feeling more "awesome!" than "I loooooooooooovvvee tthiis stuff sniff-sniff!" Does that make sense, or has the bed rest addled my brain?

Anyway without any further rambling from the brain addled pregnant woman here is a picture journey through our package! (You're welcome, I know you are just interested in what was in the package anyway, nosy nellies!)
My mother in law calls these sassy! I like the "instructions not included" one and David likes the "Nothing is wrong I am just testing you" one.
This little receiving blanket and carters outfit are SO cute. I love the little overalls. I am having a baby!!!!

This is a onesie, I must be quite a weakling...

 Flames on the side. I love little baby shoes!

 Tiny little baby pajamas. I love this set, the pants are awesome. I wish I had a pair just like it. I would wear it all the time. 

The avalanche onsie is awesome. David was wearing his avalanche shirt today, we are looking forward to introducing Reese to "propa" sport's teams. Also the Bronco receiving blanket is one of my favorite things to have. He is going to be so cute all wrapped up like a little Bronco Burrito. 

The Bronco loot, here we have almost everything we will need for football Sunday. The best part is the little hat, it is exactly the same as David's. Squeeee! Also notice the little Bronco socks, don't tell David I told you but those tiny little Bronco socks are his favorite thing by far. He keeps talking about them, and he took one out to get a closer look. I think he may have made a silent squeee in his heart when he saw them.

The Bronco onesies. I think my favorite one is the white one with the bronco pattern on it. So cute!
  And of course the hat, the little bronco beanie hat.

Forgive my tired look, but see what I am holding? The seahorse soother! This is from our registry and it is something that I have wanted for the baby since we first started trying to get pregnant a hundred years ago. I am so happy to have this in my hands finally, it is like a milestone to me. Weird right?! Again brain addled by bed rest....

And finally the coolest Bronco thing to ever come out of the orange and blue kingdom, baby Reebok cleats! I will give you a moment to look at them and take in their awesomeness......

Now you think you have taken in how awesome they are, but check this out:

We want to give a HUGE thank you to our awesome family in America for this package. We have no words to express the love we felt today. You took time to go out and find things for this baby then you sent it, regardless of the shipping costs. We love you all so much! And we can not wait to see you next year. When Reese will be sporting these BAM! cleats on his little cute baby feet!!





Jenny said...

yay!! Oh my gosh so much fun stuff! Isn't boy stuff the cutest? I love all the sports gear and I am so happy for you two. I could feel your happiness jumping off the page. Reese is one blessed boy to have you two as parents :)

Marye said...

This made even me almost cry......