It's October, and time for a cheesy baby update.

Hi! (waving wildly from my bed!)

Things over in Namibia are going swimmingly! 
David is at school, he came home yesterday red from a sunburn (or tan as he calls it). On Monday he teaches 4 P.E classes. He has been teaching the kids American football. According to him it is quite funny to see them throw the ball and then pop up like meerkats to see where the ball goes. But he reports that they do love playing it. He is still terribly busy at school, I expect he will just get busier and busier as the end of the year draws near. 
I will be going in tomorrow for a few hours to teach my Health/Science class. It has been difficult not being able to be at school more often, I really feel like I am missing out on what is happening there, but I know that keeping this baby healthy and on the inside is my biggest, and most important, job right now.

On the baby news front, I am at 25 weeks that means over 60% done and only 15 weeks until my expected due date!!

How far along? : 25w 2d

Total weight gain: Depends on what scale I get on...

How big is baby?:
The size of an eggpalnt. Or almost 13 inches.

Sleep?: Meh, sleeping only on my right side now. My left side feels bruised from laying on it so much.

How are you feeling emotionally?: Overwhelmed. I ventured out to the grocery store last week. (did not last very long, had to leave without most of what I was intending on getting) And the sight of a baby boy toddling around had me in tears. And then in church on Sunday I was reminded of the journey we have taken to get to where we are and I just felt such a wave of gratitude crashing over me. This is real people!

All the time now. On Thursday night we watched my belly move for a long time. It was kind of weird to see the rippling movements. Now I can feel him rolling and pushing, not just the little punches and kicks. Also the hiccups I have been waiting for! It is down right magical to feel him hiccuping in there :)

Food cravings?: Salt, Chocolate, and jelly beans. Healthy no?

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing Reese at the next appointment.

Next Appointment: The next routine app is on Nov 20.

Stretch marks
? Nope. My belly is itchy though thanks to mosquito bites. 

Thankful for: Today I am thankful for David, he has been amazing. He is so involved in all of this. Last night I had to swat his face away from my belly, he had  his mouth right by my belly button talking to Reese (although I am pretty sure that is where his butt is). He likes to have "private" conversations with his son (he walked around last week saying "my son, I have a son, MY SON" with that fool smile on his face again). And the nursery, he has been so absolutely involved with every little decision that has been made in the baby room. He even wants to cook, but nobody really wants that.....

Weekly wisdom: Corrie ten Boom, a Dutch missionary said: “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”


Mary Emberton said...

So glad things are going so well. We are still praying for you both. :)

Tony said...

Just wanted to say we were praying for you guys and for your little baby to come out at just the right time fully healthy!

jeny said...

Loving the updates! Rest up mama - lil' Reese will be here before you know it! <3

The Echols said...

Thanks! Tony do you have a blog?