This pumpkin time of year.

I know that if I was in America right now I would be smelling pumpkin flavored things everywhere. Pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cream cheese roll, pumpkin spiced lattes. Basically America as a whole smells like the Christmas aisle at hobby lobby. Knowing this has made me want this. I want to eat pumpkin spiced things all day long. I want to drink pumpkin chai, and I want to burn pumpkin candles.
The problem is, pumpkin here is a savory vegetable side only, and there is no such thing as canned pumpkin. At least not anywhere I have looked. In living here we have gotten quite good at making copy cat recipes for American foods. But making my own pumpkin puree just seemed too daunting. But I did it! The baby gave me the extra craving power...

Turns out it is so easy a blind monkey with one arm could do it. Of course it would need help getting things out of the oven. But check out the method here. And I don't have a food processor so I used a hand blender. Worked great!

So now that I have my orange gold I have made some spiced Chai syrup. It turned out awesome, almost tastes as good as the chai at the Harvest House coffee shop at CCCB.

But the King of all pumpkin things is the pumpkin cinnamon monkey bread. I am off of strict bed rest but just "taking it easy," I felt like eating this pumpkin bread would be the best way to take it easy. I made it yesterday. Let me tell you it is amazing. I don't ever put recipes on here, but I think this bread deserves to be made. Today.

 I did make my own glaze with some cream cheese, some melted butter and powdered sugar. Perfection.

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