Week 17 and 18

Guess what?! I am 18 and a half weeks along, that means that I am less than two weeks away from being half way!

Sex and size of  baby Echols?
I am told that Baby E is the size of a sweet potato right now. That makes me want yams and marshmallows, like David's mom makes at thanksgiving! We have an idea about the sex of the baby, but we are keeping mum on the subject until the dr. can confirm with 100% confidence.

Maternity clothes?:
I bought my first pair of maternity pant this past week. I was in a weird place. I lost 26 pounds before getting pregnant, so ALL my pants were falling off. But I have been unwilling to buy new pants as I know I should be gaining weight, and that I will be growing in the next few months. So I have been walking around with baggy pants cinched at the waist by my belt, and a baby belly hanging over. Very sexy look ;) So buying a pair of pants that actually fits was amazing. And I am not usually amazed by clothes.

Meh. Some nights more than others.

Best moment this week?
I think every time I realize that this is real I am caught off guard again, and filled with joy all over again.

Food cravings?:
McDonalds. But there is not one here.

7 pounds up. Exactly where I should be! I think I need to celebrate with a sleeve of oreos, and a Big Mac.

I felt the baby move on our anniversary. We were on our way to the restaurant and I felt a poke. I cried and cried, so I walked into the Chinese restaurant with puffy eyes and a wet face but with the biggest cheesiest grin ever. 

I am still really weepy and hungry all the time!

What I miss?: 
What a stupid question.

What I'm looking forward to?: 
The next dr's appointment!! 

Thought of the week?:
Through reading through the Old Testament I am surprised by how many women dealt with infertility, it really should be addressed in churches more than it is...


Brittany said...

I am so excited for you guys. I love being able to read your blog about the baby. YAY BABY E!!!!!

Jonnie Fry said...

Okay, I want to know how you have an idea of the sex???????? BTW, this still makes me so happy!

The Echols said...

Jonnie, at 12 weeks and 16 weeks the dr took a guess, but told us it is not accurate at all.

Mary Emberton said...

AWWW!!!! My eyes fill with tears again seeing the baby bump picture. Glad things are all going well! :)

P.S. I was wondering where we might send you a package and how to go about it?

Glow said...

You look absolutely adorable! I bet Baby E would love Oreos too,

Ash-Ash said...

You look absolutely beautiful Sandy! And go get some oreos and celebrate being in the second trimester!