Oh the Joy in my heart!

Two days ago I started having bad cramps and pain, I ignored it for a while but by 7pm I was really uncomfortable and beginning to worry. So we did what any paranoid parent :) would do, we headed off to the Emergency Room. I was terrified, at first I couldn't stop crying, thinking that something was wrong with the baby, and then I just felt numb and I was trying to prepare myself for whatever was about to come.
At the ER the dr. seemed like he was really new or something. He seemed terrified about having to deal with a pregnant woman, he told me that what I was experiencing was not normal at all. And then he gave me tylenol and told me to see an OBGYN in the morning. We went home, but neither of us slept on Monday night. On Tuesday we went in to see our new Dr.

He checked me out, and then he said he wanted to check the baby too. He did a full, long scan. When he put the probe to my belly I wanted to squeeze my eyes shut. I was terrified that there would be bad news waiting for us. But when the picture popped onto the screen so did our bouncy baby. The baby was facing away from us, but it turned it's little head, and then seemed to look right at us. (Probably annoyed at being bothered!)
I started crying like a fool, the doctor kept checking and measuring while tears spilled down my cheeks soaking the pillow (sorry dr!). The doctor announced that everything with the baby looks absolutely normal.
We even got to see tiny little toes, that I cannot wait to kiss, and at one point I could see lips. The cutest little perfect mouth. With Asthma meds I was terrified of a cleft palate as this is a side effect of the medication. But the baby is fine.

Then nonchalantly the dr says: It's a boy. A boy. Did you catch that? We are having a boy! A son! I am going to be the mother of a little boy! Cue the tears and giggling for me and the chest puffery for David.  I have never seen him look that proud or that in love. I kept soaking the pillow, David kept sticking his chest out further and further, and the dr. looked sleepy. It was a perfect moment that I will never forget!


We have decided to name our baby boy Reese Livingstone Echols. Reese (means "enthusiastic") after a one of the most influential and godly men we know, Mr. Gareth Reese one of our professors at CCCB. And Livingstone based on 1 Peter 2:5:
"You also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ"
Also it doesn't hurt that David Livingstone was a missionary who loved Africa more than anything, or anyone, else. Just ask David about the meaning of our son's name and how it goes with our last name, and you will get to see some of that chest puffing!

I thought that I would carry the wound of infertility with me forever, but after hearing that I am carrying a healthy and beautiful son, I can feel the wound healing. God is good and His gifts are lavished upon us! 

p.s I do have some kind of infection that I am taking medicine for now, the dr. thinks that is what caused the ER scare. But we caught it early and it is no big deal now.


luke ryggs said...

this is great news! so happy for you two.

The Lowes said...

So excited!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! Little boys are awesome awesome awesome! AND I love the name too :) I cant take the smile off my face. Good news :)

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh I teared up just reading this! Congrats on the boy love!! Baby boys are so wonderful, and the name is PERFECT.

Deborah said...

This is absolutely awesome news! Congratulations! I like the meaning of the name,may it be established upon his life in Jesus' Name.of the name,may it be established upon his life in Jesus' Name.

Deborah said...

This is absolutely awesome. Congratulations. I like the meaning of his name. May it be established upon his life in Jesus name. meaning of his name. May it be established upon his life in Jesus name.

Brittany said...

YAY!!!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!! I am glad you and baby are fine. Congrats!!

ashley said...

I really like his name! Its totaly a strong name. I think that in 50 years, Reese is someone who will be thought of as 'strong', 'reliable'. I'm all for the cute names that people name their kids but what about when they are 50? I don't know if that makes any sense or not...but I'm happy for you

Glow said...

Reese is one of my most fav. boy names. Congrats again, darling!!!

Annelle said...

Congratulations!!! Fun days ahead!

Mary Emberton said...

There are no words to describe that giddy feeling a mother has for her unborn baby. It must be the joy that God intended us to be part of. God bless you both. I'm still so happy for you and still get so emotional reading these posts. LOL