Maria died today.
I know in my head that "death has no sting," but today it sure does sting. It is so surreal, we are their teachers so we teach the kids to read and do math. But we are here with so much more in mind. The school is called Community Hope School. We are here to change the whole community through training these kids in the ways of God. We have poured ourselves into this little girl, and just like that she is gone.

Maria won the academic award last year. She was one of the smartest girls in our class. Maria liked to talk, sit sideways in her chair and chat with the girl who sits next to her.
Maria loved to answer questions, she excelled in spelling class, and was also a whiz in science.

Her desk sits empty now. The kids cried today, they made cards for her yesterday writing things like "I love you, I miss you, please come back soon." Please pray for us and the kids as we grieve the loss of this little one. Pray for her mother too.

They still suspect meningitis, but will know for sure after they do an autopsy. They have ruled out the extremely contagious strain of meningitis so we should all be fine. Maria had a vaccination a few months ago. I just cannot wrap my brain around this. No class at school or church prepared us for this.
Of all the kids in the class I was sure that Maria would go to college one day.

Tonight we turn to God for comfort. The kids are busy memorizing Psalm 23, and they are able to cling to it now. If you have any suggestions on helping kids deal with loss, we are open to hearing it!

Thank you for all the prayer!


Mary Emberton said...

We heard about this first through Sara and Adam. I can't imagine the heartbreak it brings for all involved. Our prayers are with you all.

ashley said...

This post is heartbreaking to read

*magnolia* said...

I'm so sorry. All of you will be in my prayers.

Jewlz018 said...

I am so saddened to read this update from you. My heart goes out to you and everyone over there being affected by this tradegy. ::hugs::

thrasherswife said...

Oh I'm so sad to hear. Prayed for her and all your children this morning. I'll continue to pray for healing for all who now mourn.

Jenny said...

I am so sorry for your loss and the kids loss :( How incredibly heart breaking. It is comforting to know that she is with our Lord and Savior in Heaven now pain free and shinning down on all of you. I'll be praying for you, the kids and her family as you all go through this grieving time.

BryanAukerman said...

Jenna and I are both praying for all of you and for Maria's family. I can't imagine how confused the kids must feel, and how strange that empty desk will be in the days to come. We'll keep praying that God makes his peace abundantly clear as you mourn Maria. We're so sorry to hear of her death.

Candace said...

I have no words, only tears.

Anonymous said...

David and Sandy - Our prayers are with you,Maria's family,the children and all that knew and loved Maria. As we meet Sunday congregational prayers will be lifted up concerning this heartbreak. May God's love strengthen and comfort you. Mike/Linda S.