Urgent Prayer Request!

Please continue to pray for Maria. Maria is in grade 2, on Sunday she had a headache and a fever, on Monday she was committed to the hospital to the ICU. They did a CT scan today and found that her brain is swollen and is surrounded by fluid. They suspect meningitis but it is impossible to do a LP in her condition. They already think she will have brain damage if she survives this.
We know that God can heal her, please pray without stopping. Add her to your church prayer chain. Get your friends and family to pray for her.

Pray for her family too, her mom is beside herself and is by her side in the I.C.U.

This really looks bad, pray pray pray!!!


Jonnie Fry said...

Our God can do anything! I know that whatever his plan is for her it will work out perfectly. I am praying for her health to be restored fully! I love you guys and love being updated on your lives through your blog. :)

thrasherswife said...

I will add her to my prayers. I'm so sad over just how many children I am praying for, most with brain tumors. Oh God why?