How we are doing here at CHS.

Things at school seem to getting back to normal. We will have a memorial service on Wednesday morning for Maria. Her mom has decided to have her funeral in the north of the country, about eight hours away from us. None of us will be able to attend. This is what her mom needs though, she will be around more of her family there.
There has been a few scares with some students showing the same symptoms, but those have all been a cold or flu. Right now one of our grade 3 students is on her way to the dr. with the same symptoms.
It is really scary not knowing if a headache will turn out to be fatal!
The second grade class seems to be doing ok, they are staying busy. Today we will work on goodbye cards to her for the memorial service, so we shall see how they deal with that. Tomorrow they will see the first picture of her too, so that may bring up some heartache too.
Some of our kids have also just lost parents or other family members so this death is bringing up those memories and scars. Especially for Jessica whose mother passed away in December.
We will be having some counselors from the life-line group here tomorrow to help with counseling the kids.
This has shown that there is a need for a counselor on staff, so if there are any counseling majors out there looking for internship opportunities let us know, there may be a great  ministry for you here.

I want to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been thinking of and praying for us and the rest of the people touched by this tragedy. We are especially thankful for all the precious emails that were sent by you. It was amazing to see the body of Christ come together to hold this little one up in prayer, and to offer further prayer and condolences when she went to be with Jesus. 

"I am with you always, even until the end of this age." 
Matthew 28:20

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Jenny said...

I'm continuing to pray for you and the entire school and family.