One Thousand Gifts.

On my way to listing a thousand gifts that God has given me.

1. Grace
2. Sunny days, and thunder storms.
3. The love of my handsome husband.
4. Every single one of my grade 2 kids.
5. A romantic Valentine's day dinner.
6. My new running shoes!


Jenny said...


thrasherswife said...

Great start, can't wait to read the rest...

Craig said...

I clicked over from Ann’s today. A little late – but there are so many to read!

First – I remember starting at one – and feeling like such a beginner. You have a great journey ahead – not like I’m an expert – I’m only in the 80’s now.

My favorite from your thankful list is this one … 4. Every single one of my grade 2 kids. (I was a 2nd grade teacher – so much better than 3rd Grade – not overconfident yet – made me smile)

Oh, and Happy day after Valentine’s Day.

God Bless and Keep you and your family