Superbowl 2011

For about a week David avoided the internet as much as possible, he was afraid he would see who had won the Superbowl. David's dad e-mailed us the game, so on Friday night we invited over a few people and we hosted our very first Namibian Superbowl party.
I was able to find some "little smokies," Jodie made her famous layered dip, and  Marye brought some donuts (she brought the most American thing she could think of.)
David explained the rules to everyone, I think we may have made some new football fans! I think I was the only person cheering for the Packers, so I was happy! We borrowed a projector from the school and showed the game on the wall.


Stronger.Faster. said...

Thats awesome!

Don said...

Do you have an comment on the commercials?

The Echols said...

No, this is really lame but the version we had did not have any commercials on it. We did have the half time show though. It made the game go by quicker :)

Jonnie Fry said...

We introduced the game to the international students @ UofA as well. Entertaining!