Another picture journey.

I love to take pictures (in case you haven't noticed :). Here are some recent pictures from my camera. Enjoy the look into our week!
The first one is of the sunset view at "The Tug." The Tug is a restaurant near the pier in Swakopmund. Swakop, is the coastal getaway for many of the more affluent people in Namibia. John and Suzanne know a couple who own a beach house down there, and they let us missionaries use it free of charge! We spent three nights there with the rest of the leadership team. I love hos the sunset is caught in the water of the ocean, and in the water in our glasses. It was a good night. We were able to just relax with John and Suzanne, and share some hilarious stories. It was a great time of refreshing!

Marye and I keep showing up in the same outfits. We keep joking that we pre-plan to dress the same, but we don't. Marye is a great friend, and an absolute encouragement to us out here. She also has a fantastic dress sense:) The first picture is of us standing in the Namib desert, right after we climbed to the top of Dune 7. The second is on the deck on the outside of the beach house that we were staying at.
This picture shows the results of a day running around on the sand dunes on a windy day. (The line is from David's Bronco hat). We had sand pouring out of our ears, eyes, pockets, and noses. It was worth it! David and Marye sandy boarded down the dune, and John and Suzanne got to experience dune 7 for the first time ever. Next time we know to go in the morning before the wind picks up.

This is a snapshot of our Thanksgiving table. I made the Turkey, it was pretty good! I used lemons and oranges this year, along with the olive oil and some other super secret ingredients. In this picture you can see John giving us a history lesson about the pilgrims. We had some guest there who experienced their very first Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year!

This last picture is of a rain storm in the desert area of Namibia. Namibia is known as the driest country in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is amazing when it rains, I am always reminded of that "grace like rain" song. Grace is an undeserved gift freely given. Just like the rain here will bring life and wash the earth clean, the Grace of God does the same in our lives. I pray this week you will experience the grace and presence of God like rain in the desert.


Kayla Olson said...

Love the pictures! Its beautiful! We want to visit!

Brianna Lyn said...

Beautiful pictures. Don came and left and shared a little about what he saw there. Can't wait to hear more when I get back in MO - he's suppose to share pictures and stories.

JustCorey said...

Those are some great pictures... i love the view of the sunset and rainstorm that you shared... amazing!

Don said...

Will never forget "The Tug" and that scene. You should explain what Dune 7 means. Loved the pictures.