Now I understand that if there are any of you out there who suffer from arachnophobia, like me, then you will probably not enjoy this post. However, in the last few months I have realized that if I am to be a person living in this country in the summer months, I will have to get used to sharing my house with these creatures, and I feel that I should share this new experience with you, my readers.  In the few days alone we have killed over 6 huge spiders. One of them was a black widow. ::shudder:: We are now at a point where David does not kill then anymore. I think we have realized that this would just make more appear. I think that is what is happening. Maybe their hairy-multiple-eyed carcasses are dividing and regenerating. I have been quite jumpy the last few days.

This spider in the picture is called a "Wall spider." They are very common in Namibia. They live behind things on the wall, they move like shadows. They are completely flat, and completely icky. I think they never stop growing, the ones in our house are about 2.5 inches in diameter.
I do have a funny story about one of these.

When David and Kyle were living in Opuwo, David was in the bathroom one day when he noticed one against the wall next to his head. He was about to squash it, then he thought about how the spider was harmless (or some such nonsense), and he decided to let it be. Then a fly flew past his face, and the spider LEAPED OFF OF THE WALL AND CAUGHT THE FLY AND STUCK TO THE OPPOSITE WALL, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FACE. Good thing he was already "sitting." I used to like that story, now that I am sharing my home with these hairy beasts it makes my spine shiver. 
Now for the picture. 

Are you sure you want to see it?

Still sure?

Here it is:



Jonnie Fry said...

Ick!!! I am glad that I do not have to deal with a lot of that. You are brave Sandy! :)

Jenny said...

::faints:: I hate spiders, that spider is making my skin crawl. You are a brave woman!

Stephen and Alisa said...

Stay strong Sandy!

In our old house we always had these brown crickets with long legs that, at first glance, looked like spiders to me and I would scream every time I saw one. Stephen would always be so upset at me because I screamed so loud over a little cricket, but I couldn't help it! That was just my first reaction! They were really fast too and always seemed to jump towards me. Ick!

I hope the spider situation gets better for you... and if you see any flies... DUCK!