It is December.

In the last week the school closed, the Christmas play was performed, we had a leadership retreat at the coast, and now we are preparing classes for the new year. Phew!
 The last week of school was a mad rush, teachers worked on grades and finishing up grades, and the students were getting antsy. David had, and still has, loads to do in the admin department. The last day of school was a celebration complete with gifts for each child, and a hearty delicious lunch.
The Christmas play was a great success! The kids completely enjoyed themselves, the audience was enthralled. It was great to see people completely enjoy themselves. The play ended with the kids declaring to their community that more than anything else on earth they need Jesus Christ. This is why we are here.
There were tears too as some kids were forgotten by their caregivers, one mother showed up so drunk she spent the evening walking up and down the aisle making a fool of herself. Thanks for the prayers, and I hope that next year some of you will be here to see the play first hand!
This past weekend David and I went to Swakopmund with the Hunters, Marye, and Archie and Rome. It was a much needed retreat. We prayed for the next school year, spent some time on the beach, and got to know each other better. The highlight of the weekend was a Thanksgiving feast on Sunday night. I made the turkey, it was a hit. I used lemons and oranges this year, and I think I found my new favorite turkey recipe!
We have been sitting in class for two days now, and will be until the end of the week, preparing for next year. I will be teaching health, science, geography, grammar, and art. David will be teaching discipleship, and P.E.
If you made it this far thanks for reading this boring update :)

Please continue to pray for us, and especially for each and every student at CHS.

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Jenny said...

So glad to hear the Christmas play was a success! Great job on making a successful turkey :)