One of the hardest things about missions is being so far away from family. It is especially difficult during the holidays or on their birthdays. Today is such a day.
Our beautiful niece Julia is celebrating her eleventh birthday today.

Dear Julia
We love you so very much. We are sorry that we only get to see you every now and then, and that we live so very far away. We are very proud of the smart and pretty cool girl you are growing up to be. Have a great birthday this year, say hi to you mom, dad, grandma, grandma Shirley, and of course to Andi and Daisy. We hope you get to come visit us out here some day, you can meet some crazy African eleven year olds that we are working with.
Love you so much!
David and Sandy


Julia said...

Thank you. That is wonderful! I love you and miss you too. Hope to see you soon. I miss you guys so much. The girls said they miss you too. I love you guys. Thank you :)

The Echols said...

Eat some cake for us!