We are two weeks away from the Community Hope School Christmas extravaganza! That also means that we are two weeks away from this school year being over!! This past weekend we had the sixth grade dance group over to our house to put the finishing touches on their dance. It was a blast! The dance is coming together beautifully, we added the running man, a slow motion section, some Kwaito (like African break dancing), and the robot. It is pretty hilarious to watch. Did I mention that we are dancing to Relient K's rendition of "Angels we have heard on high?"

We also had some lunch and the kids decided they wanted to watch "The lion, the with, and the wardrobe," but after a few moments they decided to watch "Home alone." It was great, the kids kept laughing and laughing and laughing, I think we could have cut out the rest of the movie and only watched the "action parts," as the kids called it, over and over again. We had a blast.
That morning when we picked them up one of the little boy's looked at me and said "I wish you were my mom, and I was your son."

These kids really need someone to love them, and to show them the love of Christ. Please take some time in the next two weeks and pray for CHS, the Christmas extravaganza, the end of the year, and every one of the students that we work with.

Remember Christ has come!


(Forgive the shoddy picture quality, my battery was dying!)

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how beautiful