Tuesdays are known as prayer meeting day here at CHS. Every Tuesday night we all pile into the Hunter's living room and we pray. We pray in small groups, we pray in a large group, we pray quietly and earnestly, we walk around the room praying out loud at the same time, sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, occasionally we eat cookies. The purpose of these meetings is for all of us to come together and cry out to God as a team.

Last night we focused on things that we are thankful for. David thanked God for His grace. I thanked God for the opportunity to teach. (Right now I am working on the syllabuses I will be using next year. So far I will be teaching Art, Geography, Science, and Grammar, more to come on this later.)
What is one thing that you are thankful for??

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Heather Cara said...

I am thankful for extended family.