62, 2, 350, 1

Sixty two is the number of days we have left in the USA. The one way tickets we bought are sitting quietly in my email inbox, waiting to change our lives forever. In these sixty two days that we have left we will be travelling, packing, meeting, eating (African pizza is just not the same), preparing, and praying. Pray with us as we count down to departure day.

Two is the number of suitcases that we have to fit our lives into. We each have two suitcases, but that is all the space we have. In packing and getting rid of things we own, I have been challenged to take a hard look at all the things I own. At first it was saddening to think that I would have to get rid of my snow globe collection, and it broke my heart to think I will no longer be using the wedding cutlery and crockery that we have. But then I realized that all we are getting rid of is stuff, stuff that have been weighing us down, stuff that can be broken, stolen, or lost. Ultimately stuff I don't really care about. In the grand scheme of things a human soul is eternal, but a commemorative beauty and the beast snow globe is not. The process of getting rid of all this stuff is freeing and helps one to concentrate on what is truly important in life. (If you need anything give me a call, I could probably hook you up with some cool pyrex.)

Three hundred and fifty is the amount of dollars that we still need to raise a month to be able to go. We have already bought our plane tickets, so we have 62 days left to raise that amount. If you want to get involved, or if your church does, please contact us so that we can reach our support needs before we go. We are able to visit with you or your church to give more info on Namibia and the ministry there. Also if you know of any churches or individuals who want to support missionaries to Africa let us know! And THANK YOU so much to all who are already supporting us. We would not be able to do this without you.

One is the most important number though. Without it we would all be lost. God sent His ONE and only Son to earth to die for us. To die for you and me. One sacrifice enough for all people for all time. One act of propitiation that is enough for America, Haiti, Namibia, South Africa, and all other nations out there.

Thanks for reading, and if you have not yet done so today please take a moment now to pray for Haiti, Namibia, our Visas and the support that we still need to raise!

Much Love! 

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