Ramblings at 3 am...

I am awake at 3 am, I can't seem to get to sleep tonight. My mind is running with all the things that need to happen before we leave. My mind is filled with thing, places, and mostly people that we will miss when we move. My mind is restless with so many thoughts about mankind and this planet that we call home. Sometimes it is truly overwhelming to think about all the hardships and heartaches that is endured on this tiny blue rock. Like a celestial ball of pain drifting in space. It is at such times that I understand why some people choose Deism, the thought that God created this planet and then left it to fend for itself seems to make sense in the face of the pain that man endures.

Yet, as these thought fill my mind, I am reminded of the message that we heard today. The message was about Jonah, the prophet who tried to run from God. The one thing that stood out to me over and over is that God is relentless. He is relentless in saving man. Throughout the whole book I kept thinking that God should just smite Jonah already and pick someone a little more obedient, but, thankfully God does not give up on Jonah. In this book God does not only go to great lengths save all the inhabitants of Nineveh, but He takes a personal interest in Jonah. God the creator of all things, greater, better, and more terrible that anything in the universe stoops down and takes a very personal interest in the life of one man. The preacher pointed out that the revival in Nineveh is the largest one recorded in scripture, with over a million turning to God. This is impressive, but at times when I feel small and insignificant like a worm, as the Psalmist put it, I am comforted by the Great God who took interest in little Jonah. He took enough interest in Jonah's life that a whole nation was saved.

When you are trodden down and crushed, remember that God is God, He is there, He cares.

You are not alone.

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