I'll be 23 tomorrow, I wonder if that means that I have to be more mature now. I guess I'll see if I feel more mature when I wake up tomorrow morning. This past year has been amazing. Thanks to all the people who have made this one of the best years ever, Colleen and Erica, The Messimers, my wonderful parents all the friends at triple C, Mike and Dezi, and my wonderful loving husband. It is exciting to think of all that God has done in the last year, and what He is going to do in the coming year.

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Lior said...

Hi, this is pretty late, I know, but happy birthday! Welcome to the world of 23 and as I'm sure you've noticed, nothing is much different.
I was just wondering how thing are going for you out in the US. I'm finally going home for a holiday for the whole of December and January! Blaarslaai? =)
I've lost an email address for you, give me a mail at lio@liorelse.com sometime if you like. Would be good to hear from you!