We have been back in the Sates for a few months now, and it semms as though our trip was a lifetime away. I still miss the girls and I am excited for them, to see what they will do with their lives. There are so many people that we met on the trip, some who know Christ personally, and then there are the ones who do not know Him at all.
There is an older setswana couple that I think about often, they worked at the flea market selling things that they had made. I know like 5 words in their language, so I tried them out, they seemed to enjoy it. When I left this old lady came up and hugged me, it was not just any hug, but another human reaching out, crossing a language barrier. She clung to me for a while and then we left. I went back looking for them the next week, but they were gone.
It is strange how encouters such as this one can make us feel so close to Christ, while at the same time it gives us a taste of a hopeless life, lost whithout Him.

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