Spring break!

Lat year during the American spring break we had a team visit us from CCCB, this year one of those students returned. Raven was with us for only seven short days, but we are already looking forward to when we will see each other again. We spent the week trying to show Raven what it is like to live here full time, we left some planing for the week up to her, and did not schedule every hour of every day like we usually do when someone is visiting. The American spring break season falls right between two long weekend here in Namibia, so most of the ministries not related to school were closed down as most of the people travel to be with family during the  independence and Easter weekends. But even so Raven was able to spend some time in class with the kids at CHS. She played games with them, taught them about leadership, and even was able to do a pen pal letter exchange with several students. The big even for her time with us was a leadership camp for the grade seven students. These are the students who used to be in David's discipleship class. We spent two days with the kids. Raven and David did games, devotionals, and used a Dr. Seuss book to illustrate what it means to be faithful. The kids loved the camp, but I think Raven may have loved it even more than they did! The highlight of the trip for us was sitting down with Raven and speaking with her about her future plans. She is an advocate for us at CCCB, she has committed to spreading the word about our ministry, is interested in recruiting people to work with us, and is looking into coming back next year for three months for her internship. (I think David's happiest moments were when Raven revealed the mtn dew she had brought for him)
We are very excited about what the future holds for Raven, she has an incredible servant heart, loves kids and young people, is courageous (I don't know that I would be able to travel across the globe by myself!), and is willing to go to crazy places to do what God has called her for. Please take a moment to pray for her and her future plans!


Brianna said...

great to hear about the trip!! hopefully she will tell me more about it on Sunday

Brianna said...

Glad to hear about the trip! I am excited to sit down and hear more about it on Sunday

The Sevits Family said...

I don't know Raven, but I'll pray for her, you and all those involved with our ministry! Glad everything went smoothly for all of you while she was there!