Hope Club!

I think I have mentioned before that we lead a group on Saturday nights called Hope Club. Hope Club is a gathering of young people who want better things for their lives and their community. They are also a group of young people who keep falling short. In this community there is such a problem with promiscuity and alcoholism that it is difficult to find a person over 14 who has not been personally influenced by these issues.
David has shared some lessons on what it means to be  Christian; some count themselves as Christians, but many have responded that they would like to be Christians one day, but not yet.
In a lesson on how what a community looks like if it is permeated with Christians, they got really excited and exclaimed that they believed it was possible. But when David clarified that he meant in Katutura ALL of them answered dejected that they did not believe it was possible for their community to be transformed by Christ. It is an interesting group, a challenging group, and a group that we see a lot of potential in. Pray with us for these young people who want more for themselves, for their families and for their community!

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