David said that he would blog about what has been going on on his side of things tomorrow, but I wanted to leave you today with some pictures of the creatures found in our house.
The first one is the flat wall spider, we have may of them, but we have made peace with them as they kill mosquitos and flies. It is just not very nice to be surprised by one. The second in the Red Roman, or demon from the depths of Hades, either name fits in my mind. I wish we could say we have seen one or two, but there have been at least 10-15 in our house in the last few weeks. They range from a few centimeters to more centimeters, but can get up to twelve inches. We saw Reese poking at something the other day, and when we looked it was one of these beauties. Reese was pushing it's soft body like a button. SHUDDER!!!!

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Memberton said...

Ok, these are the things that may you go........EWWWWWW!