At ten months...

First let me say that the best laid plans sometimes go awry. I really want to do a Sunday post, but the internet issue on the base had really been has really put a damper on my plans! I spend most days at home with the baby while David goes to the office. I desperately miss blogging, and hopefully in the near future it can be part of my life again.

Anyway. I am in the office today, so I am going to try and get some posts up right now. Starting with one on the Reesenator!

Time is passing by much too quickly, Reese is TEN months old now. We are starting to think about his first birthday party, it is just ridiculous how quickly time is passing.
At our last appointment, which was over 5 weeks ago Reese weighed in at 20.9 pounds. He also fits into his 12-18 month clothes! Most people comment on what a big boy he is. He is thriving! Our home is filled with sounds of his giggles.

When he was just over nine months old his first two teeth came out, he still only has those two. His eyes are darkening to a brownish green, I think he has his daddy's eyes. His hair is growing out to be white blond with red tips. It seems redder is pictures, but it really is more blonde.

Sleep has been awful! I think the furlough really messed us up. Before we left Reese was sleeping up to six hours at night. Now we are lucky to get two hours out of him. At first we thought it was just the jetlag, but it just has not gotten any better. I think he was just too confused by all the traveling around and all the different beds. Now he falls asleep in our bed and stays there for a while, we then move him to the swing when he starts whining. Pray for us, we really would like for him to sleep more. Two night ago he only woke up 8 times, which was a good night for us. I think I would caution other people about traveling with babies before their sleep schedules are set.
Speaking of sleeping, we do have a fairly easy bed time routine. Reese eats at 6:30, bath at 7 and then is nurses himself to sleep by 7:30. He loves to eat. This little boy has never met a food he did not love. He will suck the soft part out of peas and then stick his tongue out with the skin on it. He also still loves bath time. He is getting more squirmy though. Last night he stood up and stepped out of the baby tub. He is so fast these days! He can pull up without an issue and is now taking chances by  letting things go to see if he can stand up by himself. He cruises around the room just fine, and has started to climb stairs.

The best development has been his new best friend. We got a 4 month old puppy from the SPCA a few weeks ago. We named his Sheriff Rick Grimes. Reese and Grimes spend hours together, they pass toys to each other and tickle each other. The other day Reese was cracking up at Grimes. They are just great for each other!

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Jenny said...

Aw 10 months already? He is so cute, I can't believe he's going to be one soon.