Sweet home Namibia!

We made it home. About three weeks ago. So it is high time for me to tend to my lonely little blog. We live out on the YWAM farm, where there is limited net so I am going to have to blog when we are in town. We do have an office at the BK site in Katutura and I plan on going in at least twice a week, so look forward to more blog posts in the coming weeks.
We are finally in a place where things are getting back to normal. Or at least our new normal with a new ministry and living out on the farm. Reese has adjusted to the time changes, but is now teething and he is still not used to the "new" place he is in so we are still having some rough nights. He has never slept through the night yet, but last week we had some nights where he was up at least once every hour.
Things at the base (the ywam farm is called a base) are going great! We have a bunch of new neighbors. The Hunters' son and daughter in law, along with their three kids, moved onto the base. Christian Hunter is a cardiologist and is teaching in the brand new medical school in Namibia. There is also a South African couple with two kids, they live in the house behind ours. They are a great resource as they have lived in the bush before and Quinton seems to know a little bit about a lot of things!
We have spent the last week furnishing the office, we still have to buy a few things but it should be ready before long. We hope to find a little couch to make it a little more comfortable in here for when we have meetings with people. We have also been dreaming about some new ideas to further the ministry here. I am hoping to be able to teach a cake decorating class. It would be such a great way to teach someone a skill that could take them farther in life. We were at the mall a few days ago and a child's birthday party was happening at the restaurant we were at. They had two cakes, from bakeries, and they were just awful, think cake wrecks awful. So I know there is a market for it! I will just need to get some cake decorating supplies. Anyone know if Wilton donates?
We were welcomed back with much love and open arms on both the YWAM base and at the church that we attend. It was a great feeling to be back home!
We enjoyed out time in America. Time spent with family is priceless, we got to meet our new sister in law, see our awesome (and totally gorgeous nieces), Reese absolutely fell in love with his aunt Candace, and best of all Reese got to spend lots of time with both sets of his grandparents.
Also meeting with supporters and churches was a huge blessing. After two years on the field getting to see a lot of you face to face was very encouraging, and a huge blessing to us. Now we are waiting for some of you to come on over here!

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