Our new home.

I thought it might be interesting to show off some pictures of the place we now live. We live on the YWAM farm, or base, 20 km outside of town. The farm has over 11 homes filled with families, and singles, from all over the world. All who are doing ministry in some capacity in Windhoek.
There are cows and goats, and baboons, snakes, eagles, warthogs, leopards, kudus, all sorts of birds, and a scary amount of creepy crawlies!
We love living here, there is such a great sense of community, and now with all the families with kids on the base I have a great resource if I have any questions.
View from out front door.

Road up to our house, past the corral. 

Right side of the house, the washing machine stays outside.

Reese checking out the baby goats.

Our house, you can see out awesome porch. (left side)
View to the right of our house. You can see the dorms and dining hall.

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