Week 26/27!

It's here, the third trimester is here! The Christmas trees and decorations going up for sale at the local "Walmart" clued me in to the fact that we are hurtling towards the end of the year. It is getting so hot over here, most days it is well into the 90's. David has taken his P.E classes indoors at this point it would not even be safe, let alone comfortable, to be in that heat for so long. The sun here is unforgiving and relentless. We were blessed last year with one of the wettest rain season Namibia has seen in decades. So I guess that means we are in for a dry hot one this year. I was reading the Lowe's blog recently and they had a post about their house in Mexico. It was funny to see all the fans in their house, we have the same thing here! It sounds like the locust plague of Egypt is happening in our house, but no, it is just the fans moving the hot air around the house.

How far along? : 27 weeks 3 days.

Total weight gain: Enough to grow a healthy human being!

How big is baby?:
He is over 26cm long!

Sleep?: Sleep is good. Last night was funny. Reese likes to stretch as far as he can and then kick with all his might. Last night I yelped in my sleep. Woke David up. He kept doing it. Then he would push himself as far to one side of my belly as he could reach and then just hang out there with his legs tapping on the other side. David got the Seahorse soother for me and as soon as I started to play it he settled down, but a few minutes after the music stopped he went back to kicking as hard as his little legs would allow! We have noticed that music calms him down a lot. Even singing in church makes him slow down. I hope this stays true when he is an outside baby.

How are you feeling emotionally?: Content.

Movement?: All the time! We are trying to catch it on video, but of course as soon as the video turns on he mellows out. I did catch a whole bunch the other day, and then I realized I never hit the record button. Duh!

Food cravings?: Cucumbers, French fries, ice cream, water.

What I'm looking forward to: 30 WEEKS!!

Best moment of the week: There were so may this week. Him carrying on like that last night was amazing. We got to see him beautiful little face at the last appointment. I got booked into the hospital for the delivery, stuff is getting real up in here! Talking to my mom on Skype about when I was born, really funny story. 

And then we started our prenatal classes. I have been looking forward to this for a while now. Well since we started trying for a baby in 2009 I was looking into the classes that are available. We found a great class led by a Christian lady. She runs a vaccination/baby clinic in town. The class will run for five weeks and will cover things from the birth to baby care. The dads will even have to bath a doll and then if they do it right they will get a certificate! The class will then run again for three weeks after the baby is born. And the lady will come to our house to help us adjust once Reese is here. When we got to the class we also learned that she is a passionate Christian lady too, so that is a huge blessing for us! We also will be in this class with two other couples so there is a great opportunity to get to know some more local Namibians!
But the best moment of the week was when I could pick up Reese's heartbeat on my home baby monitor. It is basically a microphone that you strap to your belly. I have had it since week 13 and it finally picked up the heartbeat this week. It is strong and fast!

Dr's Appointment?: My app. this week went great. Reese is a big healthy boy. He is measuring over two weeks ahead. The dr. said that this means he could come any time from the 9th of Jan. My edd is still only Jan 21 though. The dr. is not ready to move it yet. He did double the amount of magnesium I take every day to try and slow down the braxton hicks I have been having. And he laughed at me when I told him my rib hurts. I guess that means its normal!

Stretch marks
? Not yet. And I smell like a Caribbean holiday thanks to my coconut belly butter.

Thankful for:  I am thankful for all the people around the world who have been praying for us and who are excited for this little boy!

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Deborah said...

I still remember the day I left a message and you responded and soon after that the great news followed. God is faithful. Yes,motherhood is an awesome thing and I am glad that you get to experience it. I am absolutely overjoyed for you guys. It won't be long before you hold your great bundle of joy in your own arms..It's almost unreal!