Acts 2:47

Acts 2:47 is my favorite verse. It is a non-traditional "favorite verse" in a sense. It doesn't talk about being comforted, or being filled with joy. It is not a declaration of love or a promise for believers.

It is a simple statement that changed the course of history, the course of my life.

"And the Lord was adding to their number 
day by day
those who were being saved."

When I first came across that verse while in college I was struck that I was one of those numbers. Something that God started on the day of Pentecost is still going on with me. I was humbled and amazed at seeing how from that day God has been adding people to that number. The number of people being saved. 

And it is one of the verses that compelled us to become missionaries. Yes we are here to help a community grow economically, and develop physically. We hope that when we are done here more people in Katutura will be better off financially and socially. But above all we are here to add to that number in Acts. That number of people being saved.

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Alisa said...

Thanks for the reminder to keep the main thing the main thing. Great post.