Bed rest again?! Why yes!

Another pregnancy blog! Sorry, I really am not trying to turn this into a pregnancy blog... On Thursday after a particularly stressful day I had a bleeding scare. At around 11pm there was blood on the tp, so after freaking out, sitting in the bathroom crying and praying we rushed to the ER. Our last experience at the Medi-clinic ER was not too great so we decided to go the the catholic hospital. When we walked in they took one look at me and said, yes this is a quote: "Please, no. Please go somewhere else." We have heard they are the best hospital in town. Clearly we heard wrong.
So back to Medi clinic we went. When we got there they put me in a wheel chair. How horrifyingly embarrassing! Then they wheeled us to Labour and Delivery. The whole time I could feel Reese kicking, I think this helps me to stay calm, as I have to keep my stuff together for him now. They put me in a room with a lady who was sleeping, I felt bad for her. They turned the lights on and started their battery of tests. By this time there was no more blood, so I could breath a sigh of relief, but then they said it was a bloody show which usually shows up right before labour. Hello! This baby still needs to cook for at least 16 weeks!
I tested positive for a UTI too, they said since the bleeding stopped they think the infection caused the blood and that I needed to see my OBGYN. Most deliveries in Namibia are C-sections so you would be hard pressed to find a half-alive OB at midnight anywhere. We were sent home on orders to rest and see our dr asap.
On Friday our dr was fully booked so we had to go sit in the waiting room and hope that someone was miraculously healed and did therefore not come to their appointment.
If you are keeping tract this is the THIRD time seeing the dr in a week. Another horrifying embarrassing thing to me. David does not get why it embarrasses me. He did another ultrasound, our baby boy is measuring two, TWO, weeks ahead! Everything else looked fine and like it should.
He did put me on an antibiotic for the infection. Here is where I want to ask for prayers, I am allergic to almost all antibiotics. So the ones that are safe during pregnancy are not safe for me. So I am on one that is "not ideal" as our dr. put it. This made me bawl. It is terrifying to take a little pill that may hurt my baby. But an untreated infection is worse. I am also on a pretty high dose of magnesium for a few days to keep my uterus relaxed. And I am on lovely bed rest. My bed and I are becoming close friends.
Please pray for us. Please. We need this infection to clear up, and for things to stay on track. Thanks for sticking with us on this journey to our baby boy!!


Rachel said...

Maybe you could try taking a cranberry supplement, or drinking cranberry juice along with your antibiotic. Sometimes cranberry helps with UTI's, and then maybe you wouldn't have to take the antibiotic too long. Praying!

Jenny said...

praying that you heal quickly love!!

Anonymous said...

Sandy&David, Just read your blog post. I am praying that the antibiotic will be safe for you and baby Reese. Will continue to pray for all of you. L.S.

Kyle Marvin said...

Jeny had bleeding 2 times, the last time, it looked like someone murdered someone in our bathroom. The doctor told us that it was very common, and checked the baby just to be sure, and yeah he was good to go. I understand why it would scare you.

Jeny had a bladder infection (same as UTI? not sure) during her first pregnancy, its also common they told us.

I guess what I'm trying say is you're doing great and your baby is gonna be just fine, in the name of Jesus!

The Echols said...

Thanks everyone!