Time for a baby update :)

How far along?
: 23w 2d

Total weight gain: Around 15 pounds maybe? But David says I am all belly :)

How big is baby?:
At our appointment last week Reese measured 17cm from crown to rump, so he is getting nice and tall. We are so proud! We had a long discussion over what side of the family he will take after, if my side then he will be a tall and really big boy!

Sleep?: Meh, I have noticed that when I am awake he is awake. I wonder if this means we will have a completely nocturnal baby.

How are you feeling physically?
Ok. I have a dr. appointment today to deal with some consistent cramping. Hopefully it is just RLP and nothing else. Will update if there is any news to tell.  Update: Just got back from the dr. He felt around my belly and when he touched the left side it was so painful! He was concerned that it may be some kind of placental abruption, so that was terrifying. Also it is the side that I have the ovarian cyst on so off we went for another ultrasound. Everything is fine with Reese and my ueterus and Placenta are in tact. The dr. thinks it is either in my colon or the ovarian cyst, and that we should keep an eye on it. But for now we should just manage the pain with some tylenol. It has been getting better over the last few days. The absolute best part was when he put the wand on my belly we caught Reese giving a really big yawn. The dr. said he looked tired, no wonder he was up all night kicking me in the bladder :)

How are you feeling emotionally?: Content. I am nervous about getting his room finished, and having everything we need
. I am so happy that we are having a little boy. I still find myself surprised when I realize that it actually happened. We are having a baby. I am humbled by this gift God has given us. Sad when I think about the fact that none of our family is close. David feels this way too. I think it is one event that is really difficult to go through away from family. It will be so strange that none of our family will actually see me pregnant, it will just be "hi! Now we have a baby!" And so excited to be going through this with David. He has been amazing.

Movement?: Yes! Daily now. It is funny though, he will kick and punch and roll and as soon as David comes over he freezes. I think maybe Reese hears David's voice and then goes really still to try and listen to his daddy's voice.
Or he is just being ornery.

Food cravings?: Cucumbers and tomatoes. Salt.

What I'm looking forward to: I still haven't felt any baby hiccups yet. I am looking forward to that!

Next Appointment: The next routine app is on Oct 22, then we go every two weeks! And then today for the cramping issues.

Stretch marks? Nope. My belly is itchy though.

Gender: Still a boy. We did have a little scare at the last app though. Reese was just very sleepy I guess. I jokingly said "it is still a boy right?" and the dr went quiet. Then he searched for a long time. David and I kept looking at each other. Then at last he found the boy parts. In my head I was preparing myself to leave with an Eliana in my belly, and to go to the store and return the blue blanket I bought.

Belly button in or out? In, but shrinking. It freaks David out.

Weekly wisdom: "The longer you wait for something the more you will appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is definately worth waiting for."

Also remember to check out the baby website that David has been working on. It has pictures, the collection of pregnancy blogs, and our registry is on there.


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Ella did the same with Joe. When he's come around, she mostly froze. However, Claire kicked him in the mouth & head!! It's funny how each baby was so different