Ricardo in America!

One of our students, Ricardo, has left Namibia for the USA. He has needed an eye surgery for the last few years now. He needs a partial eye transplant, as his left eye is slowly losing sight. An American donor had said that he would pay for the surgery to be done in Namibia, but it has taken almost two years of going in circles trying to find a dr. who could do the surgery. Finally it was decided that it would be easier to just take him to America and have it done there. After the surgery he will be staying with the Miller family in Boston, they visited CHS earlier this year, and he will be going to school with their boys.

We had a small farewell party for him at the YWAM base with the rest of his class. The kids seemed happy and excited for him, but also sad. Especially Chris seemed like he did not know how to deal with the fact that his best friend was leaving. Pray for him as he goes on this journey, and for the Miller family, and also for the kids that have been left behind.

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