Prayer for a friend.

When dealing with something as heart wrenching as infertility one finds a lot of comfort from other families who are dealing with the same thing. Throughout our journey I ":met" some ladies on an on line support group type place. One of those ladies tried to conceive since 2008, she finally succeeded (with twins!) and we are, or were, both due in January. She went in to labor today and gave birth to two beautiful boys. They were too young and did not survive. This is absolutely heart breaking. I cannot even phantom the pain her and her family are in tonight. Please take a moment and pray for her tonight.


ashley said...

thats terrible :( you are more than welcome to direct her to me..via blog or email of you'd like. I cannot understand what she is going through completely but childloss is the bond that holds us together

Glowconsin said...

I'm absolutely heartsick for her.