What David did today.

Since I am home on bed rest, I can live vicariously through David, and that way you can still get updates on what is happening out there. Today David worked with a short term team to move Martha's kaya. A kaya is a tin structure, like a shack I guess. Martha has finally saved up the money and with the help of the Hunters is building herself a brick house! They had to move her shack back out of the way so the house can be built. She will still stay in the shack while her home is being built, so David said they had to tear it down carefully, and tomorrow they will be rebuilding it.
I think David really enjoyed himself today, with the school there is a lot of office work, and sitting inside. David was made to be outside, so he really put his heart into it. He kept sending me updates all day saying how much he was enjoying what he was doing. Pray that they get it done quickly and that the new structure they build will be strong enough to stand until her brick home is finished.

Thanks to everyone for your congratulations and messages about our pregnancy. We can feel your love and prayers surround us. At first going public with our infertility struggles was difficult, but I am happy I did as now most people know what an amazing miracle it is for us to be having a child, and it was reflected in the messages that we received. So again, thank you everyone!
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