Like a lump of yeast.

The kingdom of God is like a lump of yeast. The yeast permeates all the dough, not just a small part of it. The entire lump of dough is changed and affected. That is what the kingdom of God is like. When we come to a place to teach about the kingdom of God we have to remember this verse in Luke 13:18-21. Tonight we were talking about this principle.
When bringing the kingdom of God to a place, like we are trying to do with CHS, we have to do it in such a way that the community is affected and changed as a whole. This means spiritually, physically, economically, socially and so on.
It was good to remember that tonight, that we are here to hopefully make a real difference, not just to convert people and then leave them in the poverty and sickness that they find themselves in.

Remember, the kingdom of God is like a lump of yeast, it permeates the whole batch of dough!


Jenny said...

such an important message. Thank you Sandy!

Mary Emberton said...