Found on my SD card.

My SD card is full again, so I was going through the pictures and found some interesting ones from the last few  months. So how about another picture journey, it's been a while!
Putting up art projects in art class. 

Baboons in the street. I giggle every time I see a baboon. Funny looking animals!

 A wildebeest on a safari with Mark. It just stood there, and then I accidentally dropped the door, the sound of the door slamming made it run away. Sad. 

The kids doing a dance for the Easter Chapel service. 

We found this little guy in our kitchen. Just look at all those eyes!!!

Always check your fork!

Look at the beautiful and intricate patterns on this grasshopper!

When we went on a camping trip this lizard hung out around the BBQ pit the whole time. It seemed really interested in the smores. 

We found a turtle at the Hero's Acre when Mark was here. 

The kids wanted me to take a picture of all the blue cards they had. The kids earn blue cards by paying attention and doing well on their work. Red cards are for when kids need some motivation to move in the right direction. 

Toasty feet at the camp fire. Keep in mind it is winter here, today was the shortest day of the year! 

Please pray for the team arriving from NZ tomorrow. We are still running around at school. So many classes so many kids, and so few teachers!! The team arriving tomorrow will be helping with some classes, and they will also be working at Beautiful kids, our sister ministry. 

So to recap, fun pictures, crazy busy, and prayer needed for a team visiting for two weeks!

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The Lowes said...

I love all your pictures! Plus, getting updates on you guys :)