Day of the African child.

Has it really been ten days since my last update? Yikes!
Today is a public holiday, the day of the African child. So we are having some African children over, we are planning on playing games and just spending some time visiting with them. The boys that are coming over are in the seventh grade, that means that this is their last year at CHS. Only six months left of seeing them almost every day, this is an important time for the seventh graders!! One of the boys coming over has also expressed that he would like to become a Christian, so it is a great opportunity to disciple him a little more!

I also had my birthday this past weekend, it was a lovely day. I spent the morning shopping with Marye and later in the afternoon some people cam over for cake. It was very low key, I am still trying to get over the flu. But it was a fun day. Adam had all the kids in grade 2 make some birthday cards for me, it was great! I will post some pictures of my favorites :)

Andila's card has an interesting "bite out" design. I think he used scissors, but he could also have just taken a bite out of it. The kids love to bite things, in fact Donevan's desk has bite marks all over it. More interesting than that is the note that Andila wrote on the inside. We have an issue with Andila just looking around the room and just writing down whatever word he sees or that pops into his head. So here is his birthday message to me: 
"From Andila: HAPPY BINTDAY Mrs. Echols. Grabe2 miss you Mrs. Echols feel back to Grabe 2 come will kind to day Mrs. Echols will just in to Love is Mrs. Echols and Jesus love you Mrs Echols Andila love you Mrs. Echols  Saturday your happy bintday Mrs. Echol and nams of Grabe 2 classa nams and Andila and Jesus and God. 
From Andila."

I had to include Ladiwa's beautiful cupcake card. 

This card is from Otniel, a quirky smart little boy who really lives on his own little planet! His card warmed my heart, he talked about a day when we gave him a ride home, and he got to share his sister's ice cream cone.
" I miss you and happy Birthday mirs Echols do you have a bad time or good time Thank you for your time t6hat you have ben bot me in your car and it was a good time. That Rosa came back to kids camp and eat ice cream in the car. It was vare good and you just make me happy i love you. Thank you."

Revival's card had a simple message: "Is from Revival." Quick and to the point, and some brightly colored art work. Perfect for a birthday card, or should I say bintday card.

This card made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Shaun is a little boy who likes to day dream in class, sometimes it seems like he is actually asleep. There are times when he surprises me with facts that I gave to the class a while back, he really seems to like Science and Geography. Anyway this card is hilarious, as all is says is: "Shaun." I think he spent most of his card making time drawing lines for a long message, and then he ran out of time. Too funny. 
Please keep the kids in your thoughts and prayers, it is winter now and the mornings are freezing cold! We are doing well at CHS, forgive me for slacking in updates! :)

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