Sorry my dear blog readers for neglecting to update for so many days. We have been busy, it is the end of the school term. We have been rushing to get grades in and trying to get all the admin stuff wrapped up.
Mark made it to Windhoek on Saturday morning, we picked him up and the last four days have been a lot of fun. I think I was quite nervous about him coming to visit, but it was for nothing! It has been great getting to know him better. It seems like we have been laughing non-stop, and we have been able to get his insight and guidance on many issues. Mark has met everyone at school now (except the Hunters, they are in the USA on a support raising trip,) and he has had to opportunity to sit in on some of the classes, and he shared in the discipleship class today. The kids seemed really interested in hearing about the work that Mark has done, and continues to do, in Azerbaijan. We look forward to showing him more of Namibia!
Tonight Sara's parents made it here, they are visiting the Wrights for a few weeks. It was surreal to see them here. Pray for them!

We have also been busy with figuring out a new support raising strategy. We have unfortunately lost over $500 in monthly support in the last few weeks. With the extra medical bills this loss in funds has caused us some stress. We are now well below the minimum needed funds. So, if you are able to please consider joining our team by supporting the work in Namibia financially. Also if you are a church goer, please consider asking your church to get on board. We of course will be more than willing to send any info to you and are always here to answer any questions that you may have. Be sure to check out our website on more info on how you can get involved!

I will have better update in the next few days, I hope this holds you over until then :)


Mary Emberton said...

Glad to hear that everyone made it there safely. Doug and I follow your blog here and pray for you and the Wrights. Keep on believing and trusting in Him and amazing things will continue to happen. Much love,

Ash-Ash said...

I am praying you can find some more financial support. Despite the busy time of ending the term make sure you enjoy the time you have with Mark and Sara's parents!