I feel like it has been a while since I update with a picture story, and yesterday I took my camera to school and the kids were having a bunch of fun with that. So some pictures seem in order :)

 Spot the cheesy grin!

 We told Mark that Namibia is a hot country, I guess we were mistaken. He was freezing at school so David gave him a Donkey Blanket to wrap himself in. It still has not stopped raining, and this week the rain seems to be accompanied by a cold front. Brrrrrr!

 Sebastian is one of the best photo bombers I have ever met....
 See what I mean!?!?

 I think these pictures need to be on here to show the lighter side of the kids. They come to school with so much baggage and issues, but we do have fun times where they just let loose and act like kids! It was especially wonderful to see Issa have fun like this, he is usually such a somber and quiet boy.
Issa also happens to be one of the most photogenic kids at school :)


 I love this picture of Mark and Rodriko. Look at Rodriko's face, he just looks like he belongs to Mark.

 Ladiwa is a serious little girls with some anger issues, so we had some goofy fun with the camera. One of the other grade 2 kids acted as the photographer. Fun was had by all!!

The kids in grade 5 made a card for the school, and presented it to David as the Administrator of the school...

...We would like to wish you and your family a blessed and happy Easter. This is one of the best times of the year. People all over the world will remember the death and resurrection of Jesus this weekend. May you be reminded of the endless love God has for you during this time!


Zachary said...

So fun to see all the kids and see the lighter side of them. Looks like they enjoyed the camera. what cuties!

jreichman said...

What cuties! Looks like they enjoyed the camera!

Jonnie Fry said...

Love the pictures of all the kids and your new (?) haircut!

Mary Emberton said...

So great to see smiling faces abounding. You all touch my heart so much to see the work God is doing there!