Golden Orb Weaver

We took Mark out to the YWAM base. After showing him around a bit we went for a short hike in the hills around the base. We planned on going all the way to the top, but the rain has caused the lake to overflow and the plants to grow like nobody's business. It was tricky navigating between the weeds, and the SPIDERS!
David and I nicknamed this part of the base the "spider forest" a while back. They have Golden Orb Weavers all over the place. The spiders are huge, they like to make their webs between two trees so that they can hang out at face level all day. So the hike consists of looking up for spiders and down for snakes. I am not sure if Mark really enjoyed being stuck up there with us and all the Namibian "wild life."

We brought a spider home so that I could take some pictures of it to share with you. These creatures are as terrifying as they are beautiful From what I have read it seems like their bite is not too bad for humans, but still I think the sheer size of their fangs would cause enough damage!!

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Anonymous said...

I liked the hike, just not the sunburn I got from it! - Mark