What we prayed for.

Tuesdays nights are set aside for a staff prayer meeting. We meet together and then spend some time praying for the school, for individual students, and for other things that we fell may need prayer. The prayer meeting is an important part of what we are doing here. It gives a places for teachers to talk about the difficulties they are facing, and it is an opportunity to share what God is doing in each of our lives.
I would like to share the prayer requests with you, so that you may know specific things to pray for.

First we prayed for Japan, specifically for the church to rise up and show the people of Japan that Christians are generous and compassionate people. We prayed for warmer weather, as so many people are stuck without heat and water in really cold temperatures.

Second we prayed for Selma's daughter. Selma is a lady who lives in the church building that the school is run out of. Her 15 year old daughter and the daughter's friend were abducted two weeks ago. The friend was found in a trash can, raped, naked, unconscious, and with a massive head injury. She is in the hospital now, but can not remember anything and is therefore unable to help with the whereabouts of Selma's daughter.
***I was just told that her daughter was found and it at home safe! I may pass on more details if we hear anything else.

Third we prayed for Mr. Gumbo's work visa. His current visa expires on Saturday and we have yet to hear from the Ministry of Home Affairs about the renewal application. It would be a very difficult situation if he had to leave.

Fourth we prayed for the land that the school is trying to purchase. The school has been given the funds to build a new building, but is still in need of a piece of property.

Fifth we prayed for the Miller family, they are long time supporters of the school and they sponsor two of the kids in our school. The Millers are a hard-working and friendly family. Yesterday Mrs. Miller helped out in my second grade Art class, and Mr. Miller helped out in David's discipleship class. We prayed for their safety as they will be traveling to the Northern part of Namibia this week.

Lastly we prayed for a boy who lives in Wisconsin. His name is Joshua, he is a young boy who has no immune system. His birthday is today and he asked that instead of gifts people donate money towards a child at Community Hope School. Pray for his healing!

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Jenny said...

Prayer is so incredibly vital! Love the things you prayed for.