Sometimes it seem like life is so random. When I look around me and see all the pain that people experience, I am overwhelmed by the hurt that is on this planet. This week a friend passed away unexpectedly, another friend said goodbye to her twin babies, not to mention the horror that the kids have to endure in Katutura. Sometimes I just have to run away. To find a place where I can breath again. The pain that is suffered here is too much some days. There are times when I can't let myself dwell on what people are feeling. I found a blog today, a blog about a lady my age who found a bump on her arm a while ago, she died of cancer this morning. I had tears in my eyes as I though about the hurt and loss that her family must be feeling this morning. It is easy to think that people go through life alone, and that perhaps we can just move along and not think about the holes in the people around us. I think this morning that we are more connected than we think. Take time this week to help someone bear the burden that they are carrying. Cry with someone. The truth is that we life in a place where bad things happen without reason. Today you can be fine, tomorrow your life can be ripped apart by the death of your loved ones, the loss of your job, and countless other things. I know that Romans says that all things work together for the good of those who love Him, but I do not think that it means we will be without pain and struggles. Life someone up, take time to make eye contact and smile, greet people, and above all remember that they were created by God, that He loves them so much that He would die for them, and that His heart is broken for the pain and loss experienced here on this blue rock we call home.

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