Rotten teeth and cornea transplants.

There are certain things that come with working at a school. We have to hand out detention slips, we have "parent" teacher conferences. We teach kids to read. We teach kids to wash their hands. We hold kids when they cry, and we laugh with them when they act silly. There are other things though a school would not normally take care of. Community Hope School is more than a school, it is a ministry. We have children that come to school with severe issues. Kids that need more love and attention than one could imagine. Kids that are abused, neglected and seemingly unable to listen to or respond to authority. We struggle daily with kids that want to see how far they can push.
Then there are the medical issues. Our kids come to school hungry, we have a new student this year who is so skinny it looks painful. Yesterday one of the boys came to school complaining of tooth ache, when I looked in his mouth I saw a black crumbled hole where his tooth used to be. Today we are taking him to the dentist. There is a boy who is slowly losing his eyesight. He needs a cornea transplant if there is any hope of him retaining any of his eyesight. As I type this David is on his way to the Ophthalmologist with Ricardo. Hopefully he will get his new eye soon!

Having to do all these things is teaching me the heart that God has for us. We like children come to Him broken, hungry, and ready to test the limits. Yet He loves us, and has given His all to see us saved. To give us a hope. The sermon in church last Sunday had three points. God loves you. God is with you. God will never leave you. Remember that this morning. God lives you, is with you and will never leave you!


Jenny said...

So beautifully written Sandy my heart ached reading about your students. It really is humbling and heart breaking to hear how many children/people in this world are suffering. I will be keeping all your students and you in my prayers. Stay strong friend!

Anonymous said...

This blog grabbed my heart as well as my attention. Indeed CHS is a ministry of mercy and hope.