The kids.

Adam and I have been working with the grade 2 class. He is the homeroom teacher, and I teach 4 of the subject in there. There have been some challenges (already!), but over all it has been a great two weeks.
The kids seem to be bored with geography, intrigued by science, and they absolutely LOVE grammar. We have Jessica in class this year too. It has been about 5 weeks since her mom died, she has shed some tears in class, but she is a great student who loves to learn. Her aunt said they had to take away all pictures of her mom from her, as she was unable to concentrate on anything, and was too depressed. It is a harsh place out here, death is such a part of life that one is expected to  move on without much grief. Please keep her in your prayers.
There are also some challenging kids, some that are here to test the boundaries. I think I may be learning as much as they are :)

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Jenny said...

I'm keeping Jessica, all the other Kids and you and your Husband in my prayers! Keep kicking butt friend :)