A hat for your toothbrush.

We have been married for over seven years. When we met I was 18, David was 20. I was fresh out of high school, David was with Kyle on a two year mission trip to the North of Namibia. We grew close during our time in Namibia. We were engaged 12 months after meeting each other, and we were married 8 months after that. We have spent most of our time together since we became Mr. and Mrs. When were students at CCCB we had the exact same class schedule (except for one class), for four and a half years. We also worked at Wal*Mart, we had the same shift, and we took all of our breaks together. When we are at home we like to be in the same room. It is as if we have out own secret language, more inside jokes than most, we thinks alike, and if you were to play Taboo against us you would surely lose.

Yet, there is one thing that we completely disagree on. This difference has grown over the years. It is something that we will never be reconciled on.

The thing that we disagree on the most is the treatment of our toothbrushes.

David is strict about his toothbrush, and I am not at all. My toothbrush is usually tossed in the drawer after I brush my teeth. When we travel I just throw it in my bag, on in my toiletry bag. Whatever. David's toothbrush on the other hand, has a hat. When we travel his toothbrush is put in its own ziplock bag, with the hat on. He is very careful about his toothbrush touching anything else. I once used his toothbrush by accident, he threw it away.
Now I realize that my toothbrush habits are probably disgusting, but the toothbrush hat is hilarious to me!

I am blessed to have such a great man in my life, and as I look back to that day that we first met it is so obvious that God handpicked us for each other, toothbrush hat and all.


Kayla Olson said...

haha love this post!

thrasherswife said...

Very cute! T