What you can pray for:

1. There is a ridiculous amount of contagious diseases going around the school right now, from Meningitis to German measles. I (Sandy) have had a fever since last Friday, I have missed several days of school this week. I am going to see the dr. tomorrow. Pray that it is not too bad, you see I am allergic to most antibiotics, and can only take the really weak ones. The other symptom is a sore throat, and I am starting to lose my voice.

2. Our work visa expires in 3 weeks. We have applied for the 2 year permit, but you are supposed to be outside of the country when you are waiting for it. Approval can take up to 8 months. I called home affairs today to see about renewing our work visa, and she told me that we should leave the country and apply for a permit, and that she has never heard of people reapplying for the work visa (the 3 month one we had before). EEK! If push comes to shove we can call a contact at the office and try to get the permit pushed through faster. So we may be illegal in 3 weeks. Please, please pray for the visa situation! (for the rest of the staff at school too, Namibia is one of the most difficult countries on earth to get a visa)



Stephen and Alisa said...

Hope you start feeling better soon Sandy. Also, I hope that the visa thing will work out smoothly. Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

we are praying for you! Philippians 4:4-7