Thanks, and random bits of news...

Thanks for the prayers! On Saturday morning I was finally able to find a dr. with an open slot. She prescribed a weak antibiotic, some allergy meds, and an expectorant. She never said what was wrong, but I feel like I am on the mend! Still have the fever, but I did get my voice back little by little over the weekend, now it only squeaks and squawks every now and then :)

We bought a fan today. A fan that is also a humidifier. David is calling it the FANcy pants fan. It has been around 75 degrees at night,  it is really hot! We continue to worry that as summer approaches we will slowly melt.

One of the kids at our school is getting a cornea transplant in the near future. Last week we learned that after the transplant he will not be allowed to do anything that may jar his eye. No running, no playing soccer, so swimming, and he has to wear sunglasses all the time. When David told him he expected Ricardo to be upset, soccer is life out here, but Ricardo just rubbed his hands together and said: "Yeah! I am going to tell my auntie she has to buy me sunglasses now!" Pray for him when you have time this week!

Today we reapplied for our work visa. We only have 2 and a half weeks left on our current visa. Technically one can not reapply for a work visa, and you only get 90 days a year on a work visa. We still handed it in, and we are praying and hoping for the best. Our are still waiting to hear about our 2 year work permit, apparently it takes them up to 8 months to get an answer back to you.
We are not sure what will happen if the visa is not approved, we may have to go down to South Africa for a few months. Please continue to be in prayer for the visa, we really can not afford to leave the school right now. Above all we know that God is in control and whatever happens will be fine.

This last week we have really missed Central Christian College of the Bible. They had the Missions Emphasis Week. We dedicated out lives to missions because of MEW. While at CCCB we spent many hours planning MEW, it was the highlight of the semester! If you are interested in CCCB, the tuition pain college, check out their website here.

There are six weeks left in the school year. This week I am teaching on HIV/AIDS in health class. The new teacher for next year made it to Windhoek yesterday. He is a down to earth South African guy, we look forward to getting to know him!

There are some days when we realize working at a school is not what we had in mind when we planned a life on the mission field. Yet, I have seen the hurt a child can suffer, and I know that the Heart of God the FATHER is broken over the children of Katutura. We may not have planted any churches yet, but I have seen a child be transformed from shy, heartbroken, quiet, lonely stranger to a smiling, participating, strong leader. God can change lives, go out and show the love of Christ this week!

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"God can change lives" Amen. Thanks for the encouragment.