Quick update...

The weeks have rolled into months, we have been here for over four months already! We are two weeks into the last school term of the year, and boy, has it been a busy two weeks. We have been teaching, attending a class, planning new classes, doing some home visits, and preparing for the Christmas program. The weather has been warming up and we will be having a sweltering African Christmas in no time! I (Sandy) will be teaching the kids some dances for the Christmas play, so right now I am looking for the perfect songs for the program. David will be filming the play, and the Wrights are working with the choir. We have heard that the Christmas play is one of the biggest events of the year, it is an opportunity to reach out to the whole community!
We also have been teaching some extra classes as the 5th and 6th grade teacher has been stuck in Zimbabwe waiting for all his papers. David has been teaching Bible to the fourth grade class, and I have been teaching Bible to the fifth and sixth grade class.
Not a very exciting update I fear, but please keep us in your prayers! Also specifically pray for the other teachers ans staff at CHS as the year draws to a close!

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Stephen and Alisa said...

As I read this I wished that it was David teaching the dances instead of Sandy. I like that mental picture better. Hope you guys are doing well.

Take Care!